Angel's Lullaby is an ambitious fangame prequel to the hit indie game UNDERTALE, with elements and connections to DELTARUNE. It is an unoffical fangame with no input from Toby Fox. This is purely fanmade and for nonprofit. Angel's takes place during the game's opening introduction, back during the Human and Monster War. Expanding on the lore, meta narrative and core themes of the original games, Angel's aims to enrich the Undertale world by mixing both the old and new. Combining both a semi-open-world and linear story-line, Angel's is an ambitious fangame with a large story to tell. There's three main "Acts," each with it's own main area that follows a story.


A long time ago on a distant unknown land... an island of Monsters and Humans lived in peace. Then one night the Hoppe's Kingdom cried out in despair. The royal's child had been taken by monsters. War erupted with a sudden strike onto Mythosa with the Humans victorious. However, the war could not bring back the one they lost. Knowing of their new power, humans feared monsters would retaliate. Desperate, the king relied on the seven wise to call onto their god, The Angel. Today, you wake up, encased in the body of a freshly undead human. The fate of Humans and Monsters lay within your hands. Who's side will you choose?

This is an fangame intended for those who are 13 or older.

While nothing graphic will happen on screen, this game depicts heavy themes that may be unsuitable for a younger audience. Proceed with caution. A warning list will be made available with the full release of the game.

Note to Lets-Players:

lets-plays are allowed but please keep it not monetized. This is a fan project for no profit, please do not profit of our work.



  • Potato
  • art/story/game dev:

  • Sam
  • Co-created with:

  • The Sniffer
  • Coding Assistants:

  • FutureGamer25 (lasers)
  • TheEternalShine
  • ShadyExists?
  • Co-writers:

  • AgentRaven
  • Captain Toad
  • Malin/Hen
  • SEB
  • Valor52
  • Silver T.

  • Site Credits:

  • Neocities
  • Layout
  • Blinkie Base

  • Made in:

    GameMaker | Aesprite | TileD